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June 17, 2010



my heart breaks for you my friend...it is definitely not an easy step ending a marriage and becoming a single mom :(
I feel your pain and I know the steps you are taking...some days are easier than others but at the end of the day I know I am happier and the kids are happier as we move forward. I never pictured my life this way at this moment but I am richer for many things in my life that changed or became what they once were...(((hugs))) and hang in there!


i grabbed my "we dare you" book of the shelf today - love, love it!!! decieded to check out all your blogs, to see what was happening ..... just read your last entry about your marriage and i had to reach out to you with a cyber hug! my own marriage has slowly and painfully crumbled, it is over, we are telling our 4 kids in 3 sleeps that we are divorcing, i am gagging at the thought, this wasn't part of happily ever after! my heart breaks for you and me - and our beautiful children. be kind to yourself and create art just for you to zone out for those moments of creativity before real life slaps us back to reality!
love and hugs from andrea in australia x


Oh sweetie.. you know I'm here for you... and I applaud you & Dren for making a very difficult decision and being truthful with each other. It sucks, but you are strong and you'll be better for it - I know this. xoxoxoxo


Thanks for sharing your truths with us ... (((hugs)))


good to hear from you.
I can't lie and say I know what you're going through because I don't. The only thing I do know is that the longer you avoid and distract yourself, the longer the negative will hold on to you. Grab it by the balls, and deal. It's not an instant fix but I promise you it will help and towards the end, things will start come together, answers will be clearer and life will be grand again.

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